World Guidance

Perplexity. The world around me is not what it seems. Controlling. Consuming my mind and thoughts with what society expects us to be. Follow your dreams. Live your life. Be who you want to be.

I am a wanderer. I am a thinker. I am who I am. Can the perplex world guide me to the future me? Successful, logical mind? Strides are made to gain success. Success is made to live this life. Impress others or impress myself?

Dignity. Where does my dignity lie? Trust in yourself and all else will follow. Learn as you grow, and grow as you learn. You define who you are, the world does not define who you are.




Just like the first green leaf losing chlorophyll beginning the first stages of synthesis, my mind begins to fade, losing one shade of color to the next. Just like the first day walking down the narrow halls of a new high school not knowing a single soul, thoughts of judgement gain more strength. Just like the brilliant young college student who spends most of his time studying in his dorm rather than partying and meeting new people, my soul begins to break.

Expression of the mind, remarkable instincts define relaxation. ind can define a person. Distinctively underlying the truth. Definition of optimism.

Grasping the concept of normality brings peace. Opinions, statements of peers brings reality. Misfit, a person’s whose behavior and attitude sets them apart from others. Exhibit who you are freely, judgement free.

3 A.M.

Sounds. All I can hear is sounds. Across the street a college party is just coming to an end. Its 3 a.m. and the sound of drunk college students fill the streets as they stumble into cabs to head home. I can hear the rooster crow next door which makes you believe it’s morning yet the bright moon is the only thing that fills the sky. The sound of reggae music travels from the bedroom upstairs into my room on the first floor. I can hear the sound of a dog barking from down the street.

It is 3 a.m. All I can hear is sounds. I peak out our living room window into the darkness of the night. I can see college students exiting the house right across from us, talking with each other and laughing after every sentence as they stumble into cabs. I hear the sounds of friends having a good time with one another and laughter which makes me smile as I think about the times I share with my friends, making me feel thankful.

I head to my bedroom to only hear a new sound. Its 3 a.m. and all I can hear is sounds. This time I can hear the crowing of the neighbors rooster. I begin to wonder what the rooster is crowing at? Why is he crowing at this time? Maybe he is welcoming the beauty of another day a few hours before sunrise.

Laying in bed I can hear the soft beats of reggae music make it’s way downstairs and into my bedroom. All I can hear is sounds at 3 a.m. Although I can’t make out every word of the music due to the sound of a dogs high pitched bark drowning out most of the words, I still enjoy listening to the relaxing tones that my neighbor kindly shares with me.

It’s 3 a.m. The sound of college students leaving a party reminds me to enjoy life to the fullest. Be thankful for the friends you do have and treasure the memories of laughter. The sound of a rooster’s crow and the bark of a dog reminds me of nature and the beauty of the world. The sound of reggae music reminds me to always have an open mind, always be willing to try new things; listen to new music. If you don’t try something once you will never know if you like it or not and may miss out on something amazing. It’s 3 a.m. and all I hear are sounds.

Highway Of Life

Hello, good morning and goodnight.The days just slip away.
Leaving me with racing thoughts,
Leading me to pray.
“Dear God if you’re there, please take the wheel and lead.”
“This road called life is challenging, it’s you that I need.”
A wrong turn was made.
Took a left when it should’ve been a right.
My mind’s on a winding path, the sun begins to fade.
Till tomorrow, when I wake again and do it all the same.
De ja vu? No it’s just my life, who else is there to blame.
Life’s speeding by on a race track going round and round.
Until I crash into realization that the driver is me,
Focused mind, strong will to keep the wheels on the ground.
Time to take a new direction, positive mind through the door.
Today’s the day, time to go. Pedal to the floor.
Decision made, it’s time to go in the opposite direction.
Were my prayers answered?
Thoughts parked with a new perspective .
Change is good, change is needed, happiness on it’s way.
Time to take off, today is the day.
Empty mind, refreshed with positivity just like an oil change.
Redirection, change of direction just like a tire change,
Mindset went from zero to a hundred, just like a pedometer range.
Clarification, justification, just like windshield solution.
Negativity exiting just like an exhaust gives off pollution.
A new journey I travel on, a little further down the path,
I can see the sunrise in the horizon, not too far from here.
Calculate the mileage, turning changes into math.
I’m on the road to happiness, it’s only uphill from here.
Like two motorcycles side by side, life’s better as a pair.
So Darling, will you take this road with me,
This path I’m on fits two.
I want to take this highway of life with you.


FB_IMG_1525101329974.jpgPromises are broken. Words are never true. Trust is slowly fading. Making it harder to love you. What happened to the passion? Where did it all go? The way you use to look at me seemed so long ago.

A month went by. New feelings grew. Was that even love at all? Maybe it’s all I knew. I didn’t mean to meet you. None of it was planned. It wasn’t suppose to happen. But since then my life’s been grand.

Darling, you showed me the true meaning of love. Now I know what’s true. That wasn’t love at all before. My first true love is you. Promises are never broken. Words are always true. Trust is only growing. Making it easier to love you.